Smart Neurostimulation

We develop smart, non-invasive neurostimulation systems for targeted, high-impact solutions to improve health, wellbeing and performance.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

The Vagus Nerve (VN) is the longest cranial nerve which is the main component of the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, being essential for recovery and balance in our mind and body.

Vagus Nerve activation slows down the activity of many organs such as the heart, lungs and stomach among others, producing relaxation and a healing process.

It’s activation by electrical stimulation (VNS) has been shown to be safe and effective in treating diseases and improving physical and cognitive performance.

The vagus nerve reaches the ear through its auricular branch (aVNS) where it can be stimulated in a non-invasive way. Auricular branch non-invasive stimulation has been shown to activate similar brain regions as invasive stimulation procedures.


SMART Neurostimulation
of Vagus Nerve

We have developed a unique miniaturized wireless earbud that stimulates the auricular branch of the vagus nerve in a safe, effective and comfortable way. Each earbud is custom made to the anatomy of the user’s ear ensuring the efficacy of the treatment which is not posible with standard devices.

Our auricular is an integrated device which allows monitorization of key physiological indicators with the aim to personalize treatment to the user’s needs and ensure the efficacy of the stimulation.

European patent EP 19383020.5

Use Cases

There is extensive scientific and clinical evidence on the potential of the Vagus Nerve electrostimulation for boosting performance (recovery, motor skills, focus, working memory, …), as well as for the treatment of diseases in mental health (trauma and stress-related disorders, anxiety, depression …) neurology (epilepsy, migraine, tinnitus …) cardiology (atrial fibrillation), and metabolic syndrome, among others.

Our stimulator is composed by two electrodes that delivers pleasant pulses and an embedded biosensor. It can be managed by an app connected to a cloud platform that allows to adapt the stimulation to the needs of each use case.

XANA, our first product, is designed to boost physical and cognitive performance, as well as to manage stress, in professional athletes as well as high-demanding key workers.

Main features

Safe & Effective

Developed and validated under medical standards.


Ability to personalize the stimulation parameters to each user.

Pleasant sensation

Customized, large-surface electrodes that distribute stimulation evenly.


Cloud platform that can integrate long-term biomedical monitoring data from other wearables.


Measurement during stimulation of heart rate, heart rate variability and oxygen saturation during stimulation.

Always available

Lightweight and small to carry. Charge in the case.


CEO | Co-Founder

Miguel López
Dr. Miguel López
PhD Neuroscience View profile

CTO | Co-Founder

Iñaki Larraya
Iñaki Larraya
Biomedical Engineer, MBA View profile

CMedO | Co-Founder

Pedro Bermejo
Dr. Pedro Bermejo
Neurologist, MD, PhD View profile

Marketing & Sales

Enrique Fernández
Enrique Fernández
Economics, MBA View profile


Carolina López
Carolina López
BA Business, MSc View profile

Software & Data

Martín Bosque
Martín Bosque
BSc Computing View profile


Alberto Farre
Alberto Farre
BSc Electronics, MSc View profile


Alberto Farre
Carlos Gutierrez
BSc Computing View profile

Regulatory & Quality

Paloma López
Paloma López
BSc Industrial Engineer, MSc View profile


Iván Cortina
Iván Cortina
Prosthetic audiology technician View profile

Advisory Board

Joaquín Azpilicueta

Dr. Joaquín Azpilicueta, MD, MBA

View profile

Medical technology and Strategy Advisor, Saint-Livres, Switzerland

Iñaki García

Dr. Iñaki García, Md, PhD

View profile

Head of the Neurophysiology Unit, Hospital of Navarra, Spain.

David Calvo

Dr. David Calvo, MD, Phd

View profile

President of the Heart Rhythm Association of the Spanish Society of Cardiology.

José A. Vega

Prof. J. Antonio Vega, MD, Phd

View profile

Professor of Anatomy and Human Embryology at the University of Oviedo, Spain.


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