Biohacking the nervous system to improve health

Can Technology Make Us Calmer?

From the first stone tools to the ability to control fire to the latest quantum computers and gene therapies, we have come a long way.

We belong to a growing number of companies who believe that a better world is possible if technology is put at the service of our well-being.

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Experience the Power of Balance

Balanced people are not just wired for excellence, they are also able to enjoy greater focus, happiness, and health.

Let Stress Become a Thing of the Past.

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Nature is always seeking BALANCE.

Inspired by its serene and centering rhythms, our neurotechnology offers an effective, safe, and clinically validated alternative to relax and BALANCE the nervous system. [more ...]


With our personalized neurostimulation wearables, you can experience the benefits of vagus nerve stimulation anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

The future is now:
Stress Reduction at the Push of a Button. [more...]


SMART Neurostimulation

for Stress Relief

  • Safe, Fast & Effective
  • Ergonomic and Usable
  • Proprietary, Patent-Pending Neurostimulation Protocols
  • Precision & personalized medicine


Non-Executive Chairman

Gonzalo París
Dr. Gonzalo París
PhD Biochemistry, MBA View profile

Chief Executive Officer

Miguel López
Dr. Miguel López
PhD Neuroscience, MBA View profile

Scientific Director

Jaime Chamorro
Dr. Jaime Chamorro
Psychiatrist, MD View profile

Medical Director

Pedro Bermejo
Dr. Pedro Bermejo
Neurologist, MD, PhD View profile

Chief Marketing Officer

Iñaki Larraya
Iñaki Larraya
BSc Biomedical Engineer, MBA View profile

Chief Financial Officer

Carolina López
Carolina López
BA Business, MSc View profile

Chief Legal Officer

Alfonso Graiño
BA Law, MSc View profile

Chief Technical Officer

Luis Vallina
Luis Vallina
BSc Chemistry, MSc View profile

Chief Software Officer

Martín Bosque
Martín Bosque
BSc Computing View profile

Regulatory & QA Manager

Paloma López
Paloma López
BSc Industrial Engineer, MSc View profile

Electronic Engineer

Alberto Farre
Alberto Farre
BSc Electronics, MSc View profile

Software Engineer

Alberto Farre
Carlos Gutierrez
BSc Computing View profile


Carmen Sandi
Prof. Carmen Sandi, Phd
View profile

Head of Brain Mind Institute, Lausanne, Switzerland

Jose A. Vega
Prof. JA Vega, MD, PhD
View profile

Professor of Anatomy and Human Embryology at the University of Oviedo, Spain.

Enrique Baca
Dr. Enrique Baca, MD, PhD
View profile

Head of Psychiatry, Jimenez Díaz Foundation of Madrid; Associate Professor, Columbia University, NY, USA.

Iñaki García
Dr. Iñaki García, Md, PhD
View profile

Head of the Sleep Disorders Unit, Hospital of Navarra, Spain.

César Sánchez
Dr. César Sánchez, PhD
View profile

Associated Professor of Electronic Devices, Telecommunication Infraestructures & Biomedical Instrumentation, University of Casilla-La Mancha, Spain.


European Commission
Horizon 2020’s Seal of Excelence & SME Instrument PHASE 2
SME Innovate
SME Innovate
Impulsa empresas
Best Business Initiative 2016

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