Smart neuromodulation to improve health

Custom neuromodulation is possible

That's why we work passionately to discover the best patterns and stimulation points for the personalized treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.



Neuromodulation is the regulation of the nervous system through the appropriate stimulation of specific nerves. It is a safe and effective technique.

We also make it usable and customizable by using wearable and data-driven technology.

Our first product, Xana, is an auricular stimulator for stress relief.

We have discovered the specific pattern of stimulation and the optimal location to apply it to activate the area of the brain that releases the neurotransmitters and hormones that induce relaxation of the body.


SMART Neuromodulation
for Stress Relief

  • Clinically Validated
  • Safe, Fast and Effective
  • Ergonomic and Usable
  • Proprietary Neuromodulation Protocols
  • Precise and personalized medicine


Chief Executive Officer

Miguel López
Dr. Miguel López
PhD Neuroscience, MBA View profile

Medical Director

Pedro Bermejo
Dr. Pedro Bermejo
Neurologist, MD, PhD View profile

Chief Marketing Officer

Iñaki Larraya
Iñaki Larraya
BSc Biomedical Engineer, MBA View profile

Chief Data Officer

Martín Bosque
Martín Bosque
BSc Computing View profile

Chief Financial Officer

Carolina López
Carolina López
BA Business, MSc View profile

Chief Legal Officer

Alfonso Graiño
BA Law, MSc View profile

Chief Regulatory & Quality Officer

Paloma López
Paloma López
BSc Industrial Engineer, MSc View profile

Chief Technical Officer

Luis Vallina
Luis Vallina
BSc Chemistry, MSc View profile

Electronic Engineer

Alberto Farre
Alberto Farre
BSc Electronics, MSc View profile

Software Engineer

Alberto Farre
Carlos Gutierrez
BSc Computing View profile

Audiological Researcher

Iván Cortina
Iván Cortina
Prosthetic audiology technician View profile


Carmen Sandi
Prof. Carmen Sandi, Phd
View profile

Head of Brain Mind Institute, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Enrique Baca
Dr. Enrique Baca, MD, PhD
View profile

Head of Psychiatry, Jimenez Díaz Foundation of Madrid; Associate Professor, Columbia University, NY, USA.

Iñaki García
Dr. Iñaki García, Md, PhD
View profile

Head of the Neurophysiology Unit, Hospital of Navarra, Spain.

Dra. Martín Marfil
Dra. Paula Martín, MD
View profile

Metabolic Psychiatry specialist focused on Precision Medicine and Cognitive Performance.

David Calvo
Dr. David Calvo, MD, Phd
View profile

Consultant in Cardiology and Cardiac Electrophysiology at University Hospital of Asturias, Spain

César Sánchez
Prof. César Sánchez, PhD
View profile

Associated Professor of Electronic Devices, Telecommunication Infrastructures & Biomedical Instrumentation, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

Martín Fabregate
Martín Fabergate, MSc, BSc
View profile

Biomedical Researcher at Ramón y Cajal Health Research Institute (IRYCIS)

Juan Gutiérrez
Juan Gutiérrez, MBA, BSc
View profile

Partner and Director of Linkpoint Europe and Thiansan Energy Capital Partners.


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