Smart Neuromodulation Technology

We are a medical technology startup developing a Vagus Nerve Stimulation system to boost health, taking advantage of digital technologies


The activation of the Vagus Nerve by stimulating its auricular branch (aVNS) is an emerging technique in the field of bioelectronic medicine. We believe in the preventive and therapeutic potential of hybridize aVNS and digital technology.

We envision a digital aVNS system, that can be set up to address different clinical uses.

Vagus Neuromodulation System


SMART Neuromodulation
for Vagus Nerve

We have developed a wireless earbud that stimulates the auricular branch of the vagus nerve in a safe, effective and comfortable way. Each earbud is custom made to the anatomy of the user’s ear and the stimulation treatments can also be personalized to the user’s needs.

European patent EP 19383020.5 in process.


There is a extensive scientific and clinical evidence about therapeutic potential of the Vagus Nerve electrostimulation in mental health (trauma and stress-related disorders, anxiety, depression…) neurology (epilepsy, migraine, tinnitus…) cardiology (atrial fibrillation), and metabolic syndrome, among others.

Our first product, XANA, is a medical device composed by an unique technology to treat stress-related disorders. We are currently validating a business model to use XANA as an innovative resource for stress management in Wellness Corporate programs.

Xana system


Co-Founder | CEO

Miguel López
Miguel López
PhD Neuroscience View profile

Co-Founder | CTO

Iñaki Larraya
Iñaki Larraya
Biomedical Engineer, MBA View profile

Co-Founder | CMedO

Pedro Bermejo
Dr. Pedro Bermejo
Neurologist, MD, PhD View profile


Enrique Fernández
Enrique Fernández
Economics, MBA View profile


Joaquín Azpilicueta
Dr. Joaquín Azpilicueta, MD, MBA
View profile

Medical technology and e-Health Advisor, Saint-Livres, Switzerland

Iñaki García
Dr. Iñaki García, Md, PhD
View profile

Head of the Neurophysiology Unit, Hospital of Navarra, Spain.

David Calvo
Dr. David Calvo, MD, Phd
View profile

President of the Heart Rhythm Association of the Spanish Society of Cardiology.

Agustín Canales
Mr. Agustín Canales
View profile

General Manager for Spain & Portugal at Exactech Inc


European Commission
Horizon 2020’s Seal of Excelence & SME Instrument PHASE 2
SME Innovate
SME Innovate
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Best Business Initiative 2016
Funded by:
Gijón Impulsa



Electronic development and industrialization of the XANA stress treatment earbud The project aims to carry out the development of a medical device … [Read More...]